Legal Intercept Email

Service Providers are increasingly under the legal obligation to capture any persistent state changes within a separate archive mailbox for legal intercept/discovery. For example, if a message is saved as a draft, and then deleted, this still needs to be recorded somehow in the archive mailbox as this mechanism could be used by multiple users to communicate (one writes a draft, the other reads and deletes) without necessarily having those communications ever make it into the archive mailbox.

Legal Intercept is the ability to intercept user messages and send them to another mailbox. Once intercept is turned on, any time that the user sends a message, receives a message, or saves a draft, an intercept message is sent to the specified mailbox with the original message attached. This is different than forwarding, here a new message envelope is constructed to avoid the possibility of bounces returning to the original sender or monitored user.

Jika saya simpulkan Legal Intercept/mirip dengan fungsi AUTO BCC | Hidden From User| sama sama duplikasi email tapi yang ini lebih power full (Legal Intercept)  , bertujuan untuk menduplikasi isi dari sebuah account email  , contoh jika saya punya account email : ingin di intercept ke account email yang berbeda semisal ke hal ini dapat di lakukan dengan istilah “LEGAL INTERCEPT”

Rata-rata setiap mail server memliki kemampuan intercept / namun kali ini mail server yang di bicarakan hanya zimbra yang lain gak tau saya apa lagi mail server yang di Crack – Crack gak maen saya maaf yaa 🙂

Cara Menjalankan   :

login ke server via ssh :

su – zimbra   | jalankan perintah berikut|     # zmprov ma zimbraInterceptAddress

| Intercept boleh beda domain |

Untuk Check statu Intercept :  # zmprov ga | grep zimbraInterceptAddress

Untuk mendisable Intercept : # zmprov ma zimbraInterceptAddress ”





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